Galleries/ 2002

27 May 2002 - Sarajevo

The outgoing High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, officialy hands over his duties to the new High Representative, Paddy Ashdown.


20 May 2002 - Sarajevo

The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, and the members of the BiH Presidency receive samples of the new Bosnian identity card.

18 May 2002 - Sarajevo

The High Representative holds the fifth and his last Civic Forum discussing the amendments to the Entity Constitutions.

16 May 2002 - Sarajevo

The Director of the International Multi-religious and Intercultural Centre, Marko Orsolic, presents the High Representative with a certificate of appreciation for his work.

30 April 2002 - Bukova Grada

The High Representative visits returnees in Bukova Grada and Hajdarevici.

26 April 2002 - Sarajevo

Entity Ministers of Education sign a letter of intent to implement the principals of the Bologna Declaration in BiH universities.

19 April 2002 - Sarajevo

The High Representative announces his Decisions finalising the constitutional reform process in the Entities.

18 April 2002 - Sarajevo

The High Representative meets with the NATO Secretary General, Lord George Robertson.

17 April 2002 - Sarajevo

The High Representative meets with the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana.

8 April 2002 - Stolac and Mostar

The High Representative met with various leaders of BiH's main religious communities and elected representatives from Slolac and Mostar.

18 April 2002 - Sarajevo

Wolfgang Petritsch, the High Representative, meeting with Lord Robertson, NATO Secretary General

26 March 2002 - Sarajevo

Press Conference following the Conclusion of the Agreement on the Implementation of the Constituent Peoples' Decision of the Bosnian Constitutional Court.

25 March 2002 - Sarajevo

Final session of the constitutional reform talks among the leading Bosnian parties under the auspices of the High Representative.

18 March 2002 - Sarajevo

Under the auspices of the High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, the leaders of Bosnians main parties discuss the implementation of the “Constituent Peoples Ruling”.

4 March 2002 - New York City, United Nations

The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, and the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, during their meeting in New York.

31 January 2002 - Mostar

The High Representative won the “Media Press” award, chosen by journalists as the person most widely represented in the media.

22 January 2002 - Strasbourg

The High Representative advocates Bosnia and Herzegovina's membership of the Council of Europe.

January 16, 2002 - Brussels

Wolfgang Petritsch attends the meeting of the North Atlantic Council and meets Secretary General, Lord Roberston, Ambassador Nicholas R. Burns and Ambassador G. Alternburg.