Conferences 2008


19 November 2008- Book launch in Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch presents with Margaretha Kopeinig their book "Das Kreisky-Prinzip: Im Mittelpunkt der Mensch"

18 November 2008 - Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch with Jean Ziegler at the Vienna lecture: “Das tägliche Massaker des Hungers. Wo ist Hoffnung?” Foto: media wien

12 November 2008- Brussels
Wolfgang Petritsch took part to the closing conference on the consultation process: “Reforming the Budget, Changing Europe”. This conference brought together over 500 participants from all across Europe and provided an important opportunity for dialogue on the future of EU finances.

10 November 2008 - Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch presented a keynote address at the international conference organized by the CEIS, the IDM and Osservatorio Balcani: “Dealing with the past and reconciliation processes in the Western Balkans”

6-7 November 2008- Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch partiicpated at the international conference on local government in South East Europe organized by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR): “South-East Europe - Meeting the challenges”.

2 October 2008 - Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch took part at the Vienna seminar in presence of the Nobel Laureates Eric Maskin, Robert Mundell and Joseph Stiglitz. The lectures and the following discussion took place in the Ceremonial Chamber of the University of Vienna.

11 September 2008 - Belgrade
"Regional Cooperation in South East Europe and Beyond. Challenges and Prospects" (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2008) was presented by the editors of the volume, Wolfgang Petritsch and Christophe Solioz, in the presence of Goran Svilanovic; moderator: Alexander Petritz (Immorent doo, Belgrade).

23 June 2008 - Kreisky Forum in Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch chairs the conference of Croatia's President Stipe Mesic, presented at the Kreisky Forum.

14 May 2008 - University of Zurich
Wolfgang Petritsch presented a lecture - “Der Balkan als europäische Herausforderung” - at the University of Zurich. This lecture is organized by the Swiss Institute of International Studies and the Europe Institute of the University of Zurich

24 April 2008 - Bruno Kreisky Forum in Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch discussed Ivan Krastev's keynote speech: “The Balkans in Europe's Future” and Christine von Kohl's book: “Eine Dänin am Balkan - zwischen Brüssel und Kosova - Kritische Skizzen.

2 April 2008 - Swansea
Wolfgang Petritsch took part at the 58th Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association which was hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations at Swansea University. Wolfgang Petritsch delivered the conference address on the theme of “‘Democracy and peace-keeping in Kosovo and the Balkans”.