Conferences // 2006


31 October 2006 - Palais des Nations Geneva
Wolfgang Petritsch presented a keynote on “Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovia” at the UNOG-DCAF seminar on “Security Sector Reform in Post-Conflict Peace Building – The UN and Regional Organizations”.

12 October 2006 - Krems
At the occasion of the Austria’s EU presidency in the first semester 2006, the Department of the Export-Oriented Management programme invited the Austrian Ambassador accredited to the WTO and other Geneva-based IGOs for a guest lecture. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch paid a visit to the IMC and delivered a lecture on 12th October, followed by nearly two hours of talks with students and small reception.

12 May 2006 - Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch took part at the seminar: “Für Frieden und Gerechtigkeit in den Ländern Südost-Europas: EUropäische Partnerschaft mit der Region West-Balkan am Beispiel Bosnien-Herzegowina und Kosovo“.

6 July 2006 - Berlin
Wolfgang Petritsch presented a keynote speech at the 7th annual conference on Foreign Policy of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

6 May 2006 - Conference of the Balkan Club in Sarajevo
Wolfgang Petritsch participated at the 9th conference of the Balkan Political Club “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Crossing from Dayton’s to Brussels phase and the Role of the International Community” organized in Sarajevo. Wolfgang Petritsch presented a keynote speech in the panel “Actual problems of the current transition in Bosnia-Herzegovina from Dayton’s to Brussels Phase: the Role of the International Community“.

13 February 2006- EU Presidency Conference in Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch presented a keynote address in the framework of the EU Presidency Conference on Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans organized by the Austrian Federal Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, in association with DCAF (Geneva) and the EU Institute for Security Studies (Paris).