Conferences // 2010


8-9 December 2010 - Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Relations in Vienna
“Avoiding the 'Turkey Game' in the Western Balkans” seminar co-organised with the Center for Liberal Strategies in cooperation with the Renner Institute.

16 November 2010- Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Relations in Vienna
Book launch of the Bruno Kreisky Biography authored by Wolfgang Petritsch; with Helene Maimann, Oliver Rathkolb, Eva Weissenberger.

5-7 November 2010 - Odeon Theater in Vienna
Wolfgang Petritschtook part to the international conference “Jugoslavija Revisited” organized in the framework of the annual literary event in Vienna hosted by the Alte Schmiede.

13 April 2010 - Vienna
Austrian Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann presented Wolfgang Petritsch's and Margaretha Kopeinig's new book about the post-Lisbon EU: "Die europäische Chance. Neustart nach der Krise" (Vienna, Kremayer & Scheriau, 2010).

22 Juni 2010 - Klagenfurt
Book launch of “Zielpunkt Europa” organized by the Renner Institut. 

22 March 2010 - Vienna
Wolfgang Petritsch was invited by the Vienna-based Projekt Theater Studio / FLEISCHEREI to discuss the Status Quo in former Yugoslavia and current situation in the Balkans.